Cobra Performing Arts, Inc Mission Statement

The mission of Cobra Performing Arts, Inc is to enrich the lives of teens by providing opportunities for artistic expression and teen development through music, marching, dance entertainment. Culturing teens through music and the performing arts which is a language that crosses generations as well as social, economic, and racial barriers. Our staff takes pride in developing the lives by using Cobra Performing Arts, Inc as a therapeutic help our members become responsible and respected people in society.

The Impact

​Cobra Performing Arts, Inc – Drumline, Danceline and Flag Program – can have a very positive affect on youth that are facing tough challenges in their lives. Research has proven that at-risk students who have access to the arts, in or out of school, tend to have:

  • better academic results,

  • greater likelihood of college enrollment,

  • increased self-esteem and resiliency,

  • better workforce opportunities,

  • improved emotional intelligence, and

  • more civic engagement, such as voting and volunteering.

These are amazing results that deserve our attention! The arts can be an inspiration to all youth, especially to those that are facing difficult circumstances, such as family conflict or socio-economic challenges. Here are some of the benefits to teens who are involved in Cobra Performing Arts:


Expressing ourselves in constructive ways is a learned skill. We all know at least one person in our life who isn’t great at controlling their anger – perhaps a coworker, friend or neighbor calls people names or slams doors when they don’t get their way. To become successful adults, we must learn to channel our frustrations in a positive way. The arts open the door to self-reflection and self-expression. Learning to communicate through dancing, drawing, writing, or other arts offers a constructive method for a teen to share his/her identity or wrestling with difficult questions.

Stress Relief:

Many artistic activities take place in a relaxing environment and offer constructive and safe methods of communicating. Troubled teens are under an enormous amount of stress, and many times, they are not taught how to manage it. In an increasingly complex and pressure-oriented world, teens need positive coping skills. The more our community’s youth are able to find positive ways to deal with stress, the better off we all are. Studies have proven that the arts can be great stress-relievers and coping mechanisms. Examples include listening to music, dancing, drawing, writing in a journal, painting, or playing a musical instrument. An arts program can open the door to positive stress management.

Real-World Skills:

Many artistic activities, such as journalism or photography, teach real-world skills, which can lead to lifelong interests, even careers. They help kids explore their physical, creative, and social potential and find out where their interests may lie.